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5 Reasons Why Tablets are Better Than PCs/Laptops

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When it comes to computing, our devices are getting smaller by the day. Exactly one decade ago, we had a computer which comprised of a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Later, laptops were introduced in the market but they were only meant for the fortunate few. However, with the growth of online shopping in India, buying a tablet is quite easier. If you are having a hard time to choose between a laptop and a tablet or a desktop, here are 5 reasons to prove that tablets are better than PCs/laptops:
Windows Tablet


Remember why laptops replaced PCs- size does matter. And that’s exactly why tablets are preferred over laptops. Tablets are thin, light-weight and easy to carry. Despite being high on performance, a tablet can easily fit in to your pocket.


Whether it is a simple keyboard or an external hard disk, almost all your devices are compatible with a tablet.


Most tablets come with a host of connectivity options like Bluetooth, 3G & Wi-Fi.

Dual Mode Tablet

Dual Mode

There are certain variants of Windows tablets which allow you to use the device as both a tablet and a laptop. You can use the device as a tablet when you are on the go.


The integrated HDMI port in your tablet enables you to connect it to a larger screen if you are watching a high quality video or a movie.

Thanks to online shopping, you can buy tablets online from a wide range of brands. You can choose from a wide range of high performance tablets at affordable prices. Also, buy a few useful tablet accessories to enhance the experience of your device.
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