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Things You Never Knew Your Smartphone Could Do

Even the mere existence of the smartphone seems incredible in comparison to what computing was thought to be capable of a mere decade ago. This small phone you can hold in your hand today can do things that supercomputers of the yesteryear couldn’t even imagine. Actually, your smartphone can probably do things you can’t even imagine. Smartphones, regardless of brand or price, come with a variety of in-built functions most users don’t bother to discover and play with. Don’t be one of the un-enlightened. Do you want to know how-to? Check out these unbelievably cool things that your smartphone can do that you never cared to find out before:

Show an animation when you least expect it

Did you know that Android phones come with hidden animations for discerning users to discover? No, you don’t have to be an enigmatic Samsung unlocking expert to see these. Just go to your phone’s settings screen and tap on “Android version” option. Continue tapping until a “K” that awfully looks like the Kit-Kat logo shows up. Keep your finger pressed to this “K” and you will be rewarded with a quirky tile animation. Repeat the process to have a blast watching different tiled animations. There are hardly anything more exciting to do than that to battle boredom at work.

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Recognise your face

Yes, your smartphone actually knows your face (you see that, cat?). The latest smartphones come with a rudimentary ability to recognise faces as an added safety measure. It’s similar to fingerprint recognition, but not necessarily as exact. Essentially, what your smartphone can do is memorise your features from a photo of you taken beforehand. You can then set up your phone with a “face lock” so your smartphone only unlocks each time it can positively compare a photo of you snapped on the spot to the one it has memorised. It may sound not that cool, but the phone can actually distinguish between your real face and a photo of you uploaded just to unlock the phone. How? It can detect real-time blinking.

See in the dark

You might have wished for night vision, but you may not need it now because your smartphone most certainly has it. New smartphones are released equipped with infrared blasters. The objective here is to recognize other electronic devices issuing infrared signals, rather than to have super-fine feline vision to do really cool things at night. Infrared makes it extremely easy for your smartphone to locate and sync with your smart television set or top-notch wireless speakers, sans pesky USB cables. A feature like this enables you to do useful things like program your TV schedule without getting off the bed. Do not be disappointed if your phone doesn’t have this ability. You can purchase infrared sensors and have them installed quite easily.

Search by your voice

Who needs to type in search queries when you can quite literally ask your phone for “best fat free green tea ice cream sundae bong bong”? Your smartphone has the mind-boggling ability to translate your voice into binary and return an answer as if your question was directed at another human. Now, without irony, you don’t have to move a finger to remind yourself to pick up the dry cleaning next Saturday, or to text your mother that you are coming tonight for dinner. Some wishes do come true.
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You don’t have to lift your fingertips off each key to type with swipe-keyboards of modern smartphones. Simply, move your fingertips from letter to letter, swiping across the keys to type in whatever you want. It looks a bit like doodling across the keyboard at first. This is industrial efficiency at its best. Swiping definitely cuts down on the time and effort it takes to drag the pointy finger from “u” to “h”.

Keep track of your energy usage

Something you were never able to do with your brain that evolved over millions of years, your smartphone can do in a fraction of the second. Power use can be a big issue especially if you are trying to save your battery, check voltage use, or just want to know which features consume the most energy. All you have to do is dial *#0228# (could be different depending on the brand you use) and your smartphone will show you energy use statistics, just like that.

Our smartphones are getting “smarter” each day, even more so than conventional computers. Can you still believe that a decade ago some of the technologies you take for granted today were thought to be obscure and uncommercial?
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