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DIY Car Tech Resources

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Many adults have fond memories of working on classic cars when they were young. They had their share of grease on their hands and would sooner turn a wrench themselves than take their car to the shop, to be fixed by a mechanic. Many people feel that kind of fun is long gone, since cars have become so electronic. However, it is still possible to do it yourself. Most repairs can still be done with simple tools you have around the house. Here are a few resources that will help you do your own car repairs and restorations.

Borrow Tools

Many of us have screwdrivers and a socket set around the house, but might lack a specialized tool needed for car repair. Many of the chain auto parts stores, such as Advance Auto Parts, not only sell tools, but have a loan program. It is like borrowing a tool from your buddy. It is a pleasant old fashioned way of doing business, which surely helps them with brand loyalty.

Know the Codes

Electronic diagnostic equipment, like that which is used at a mechanic shop used to cost thousands of dollars. They are quite inexpensive now. Plug it into your car and it will give you computer codes about your car’s performance and misbehaving engine components. You can look these codes up online, to determine the proper repair techniques and part numbers to purchase.

Join Forums

Some car repair manuals are only for the mechanics. Looking up a repair procedure for a brand like Mercedes is sometimes frustrating. However, there are owner forums for just about every make and model of car. Join a forum or two about your car. Chances are, among your new friends, someone has experienced the same problem as you and successfully fixed it. There are also usually some expert mechanics on hand with professional advice. Sometimes they will even scan relevant pages from those elusive mechanic manuals.

Buy the Book

Get a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car’s make, model and year. Nearly every possible problem and repair is covered in their books. It will help you diagnose problems, buy parts and complete the repair. These two brands cover nearly every car ever made. They are a tremendous resource.

Make use of these resources and you can do your next car repair yourself. It could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
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