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Technology And The College Generation

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It is almost always the college students, the youth who embrace changes the fastest. It is the college students more than the professional techies who are the first to know about new tech gadgets and apps. College students are also usually the first ones in queue to lap up and try out new tools, gadgets and apps that come into the market. So, it is not a surprise that today’s college generation is much different than the previous one. There is a marked difference in the way students in the current generation learn and interact with one another. The top reason for this marked difference can be attributed to technology. Technology has improved in leaps and bounds. What was considered cutting edge technology a couple of years back is considered old fashioned today.

School is a boring thing. E-mail is a boring thing. It goes together, said a college sophomore.

What Works With Today’s College Generation

You can be sure it is not the university e-mail account that passes information around the campus to the students. In an article published by New York Times last year, it was noted that students spend a maximum of six minutes on checking their mails on an average and some students do not bother to even check the accounts. E-mail which was once hugely popular among students is now seen by them as slow and boring. Technology has increased our expectations. Everything has to be in the present and now. Most of the students prefer texts and messaging through social networks than going through an e-mail. Texts are sent, received and seen immediately. Texts are more informal than e-mails. You do not have to add addresses, add ending notes and subject lines. More and more universities and colleges are now sending out reminders on text messages asking students to check their e-mails.

How Can Technology Help

College students usually manage to get the latest tech gadgets in the market. But this does not mean all the students are geniuses when it comes to technology. The ability to handle the latest smartphone in the market does not translate into techie genius. Students still need to learn the basic concepts of the how and why of electronics. Technology has brought about a great way to offer learning opportunities for everyone. It is possible for a student in far flung southern corner to attend a class by the best subject expert in the Northern corner. Virtual classes are gaining more popularity as problems with internet speeds and bandwidth are solved. Technology has also made it easy for the current generation to approach the teachers to ask for help. Even if a teacher does not accept a ‘friend request’ from a student on facebook, most teachers encourage students to contact them through e-mails or other social platforms. Technology has also made it possible to know about inventions and researches happening everywhere around the world. Internet has made the world a really small place where information on any subject can be accessed easily. There are a lot of education apps that can help college students cope with the increased portions and manage time better.
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