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Tips For Smart Web Surfing

Smart Web Surfing

How many times have you pulled out your smartphone or tablet to get specific information? While we’re quick to do this, often times what we presumed to be a simple task, turns into a much more complex searching process to uncover just the information we needed. Is the location finder on? What search engine are you using? Is it general knowledge information you’re searching for or specifics on food, service and retail options. Maybe you’re simply looking for directions. Unless you search frequently, the process can sometimes be frustrating. Follow these tips to make the most of your next internet search.

  • The more specific your search, the better the results will be. Are you searching for local products and services? Google maps these search results on the first page of results together with locations already on a map. Generally the results are in groups of six, and more results can be found simply by clicking on More Places. The results are from the individual locations and websites. Following the mapped results are listings either of individual websites or sites, like Trip Advisor, or Groupon that generally list multiple options.
  • For general knowledge questions, such as what star was in a movie or when was the Revolutionary War, returns will generally list sites such as Wikipedia or sites designed specific to that industry or genre. Again, the more specific the terms you type in the search bar, the better results you’ll find.

Most of the major search engine sites have small tutorials for navigating the search engine to get the best results. Mapping sites also generally have help buttons to give instruction on how to get directions, find the distance and street views of specific locations. Play around with your favorite search engine to get more familiar with the layout of the results. You’ll then be able to return the information you’re seeking with a few simple keystrokes. Who knows, maybe a teenager will even ask for your help. Be sure to record a video of that! (Practice at home first….) Good luck searching!

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