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What can a business phone system do for my business?

As a business grows it is important that calls are managed in a professional and efficient manner. That is where a business phone system comes in. Small businesses may start off with a single phone and single phone line. As they get busier and more customers are calling, they will need to expand this to multiple phones and multiple phone lines.

In order to manage the calls coming into a business a phone system can play an important role. It’s important that when one phone line is busy that calls automatically route to a 2nd or 3rd line. This way the caller does not get an engaged tone. If a customer gets an engaged tone when they are trying to call a business there is a good chance they will then call a competitor.

Some other smart things that a business phone system can do is manage the call and route the caller to the relevant team or department within the business. This may be the sales team, finance team or support team. You may well have heard this yourself when you call an organisation. Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and so on. Even if a business doesn’t have all of these separate departments the caller thinks that they are through to a professional and sizeable business. Even if the same person answers all departments!

Over time business phone systems have become much cheaper. The old days would see a phone system cost $5,000 or $10,000 with more advanced systems costing significantly more. Now in Australia with the age of NBN (The National Broadband Network), phone systems are generally internet based. Businesses can plug their phones into the internet and access the massive array of features that are available on their ‘hosted phone system’. This reduces capital investment massively and also means that when new features are available that these are rolled out to existing customers.

It’s important for a business to manage their calls effectively. This also ensures that staff are working as productively as possible, and not answering calls that aren’t meant for them. Business phone systems also offer advanced voicemail features, and more currently voicemail to email services. This means that someone can check their voicemail while they are away from the office. Great for business owners who like to go on holiday and are looking for great deals on business phone systems.
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