Best Used Cell Phones to Buy

Are all the cell phones with good configurations above your budget? You can consider buying used devices, which would give you better specifications without burning a hole in your pocket. And, you can make it look great by choosing from a variety of mobile covers online.

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Mobile Covers Online and Best Used Phones

Used Phones Below 5K

You can now get a great phone below Rs.5,000 by considering used devices. Here are some options:

HTC Touch Viva – This is a 2G device with a TFT resistive touchscreen. You can enjoy swipe navigation. It has internal memory of 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. You can extend the memory since it has a micro-SD slot. It has a 2 MP primary camera and offers resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. It has the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. It has a Li-Ion 1100 mAh battery.

Samsung D780 – This is a 2G device with a TFT screen of 2.1 inches. Resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. It has internal memory of 32 MB, but has a micro-SD card slot that allows you to extend the memory to up to 2 GB. It has a 2 MP primary camera and offers resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. This is a dual SIM phone and has a battery of Li-Ion 1200 mAh. Available are some fancy mobile covers online for this device.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – This phone has 2G and 3G, with a capacitive touchscreen that allows multi-touch input. It has 320 MB of storage and a 512 MB RAM, while also having a Micro-SD slot that allows you to extend the memory up to 32GB. It has an 8 MP primary camera, with resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels and an LED flash. It runs on the Android v2.3 Gingerbread OS and a battery of Li-Po 1500 mAh.

You can choose any of these for around 5K and then check out mobile covers online to make them look customized to your taste.


Things You Never Knew Your Smartphone Could Do

Even the mere existence of the smartphone seems incredible in comparison to what computing was thought to be capable of a mere decade ago. This small phone you can hold in your hand today can do things that supercomputers of the yesteryear couldn’t even imagine. Actually, your smartphone can probably do things you can’t even imagine. Smartphones, regardless of brand or price, come with a variety of in-built functions most users don’t bother to discover and play with. Don’t be one of the un-enlightened. Do you want to know how-to? Check out these unbelievably cool things that your smartphone can do that you never cared to find out before:

Show an animation when you least expect it

Did you know that Android phones come with hidden animations for discerning users to discover? No, you don’t have to be an enigmatic Samsung unlocking expert to see these. Just go to your phone’s settings screen and tap on “Android version” option. Continue tapping until a “K” that awfully looks like the Kit-Kat logo shows up. Keep your finger pressed to this “K” and you will be rewarded with a quirky tile animation. Repeat the process to have a blast watching different tiled animations. There are hardly anything more exciting to do than that to battle boredom at work.

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Recognise your face

Yes, your smartphone actually knows your face (you see that, cat?). The latest smartphones come with a rudimentary ability to recognise faces as an added safety measure. It’s similar to fingerprint recognition, but not necessarily as exact. Essentially, what your smartphone can do is memorise your features from a photo of you taken beforehand. You can then set up your phone with a “face lock” so your smartphone only unlocks each time it can positively compare a photo of you snapped on the spot to the one it has memorised. It may sound not that cool, but the phone can actually distinguish between your real face and a photo of you uploaded just to unlock the phone. How? It can detect real-time blinking.

See in the dark

You might have wished for night vision, but you may not need it now because your smartphone most certainly has it. New smartphones are released equipped with infrared blasters. The objective here is to recognize other electronic devices issuing infrared signals, rather than to have super-fine feline vision to do really cool things at night. Infrared makes it extremely easy for your smartphone to locate and sync with your smart television set or top-notch wireless speakers, sans pesky USB cables. A feature like this enables you to do useful things like program your TV schedule without getting off the bed. Do not be disappointed if your phone doesn’t have this ability. You can purchase infrared sensors and have them installed quite easily.

Search by your voice

Who needs to type in search queries when you can quite literally ask your phone for “best fat free green tea ice cream sundae bong bong”? Your smartphone has the mind-boggling ability to translate your voice into binary and return an answer as if your question was directed at another human. Now, without irony, you don’t have to move a finger to remind yourself to pick up the dry cleaning next Saturday, or to text your mother that you are coming tonight for dinner. Some wishes do come true.
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You don’t have to lift your fingertips off each key to type with swipe-keyboards of modern smartphones. Simply, move your fingertips from letter to letter, swiping across the keys to type in whatever you want. It looks a bit like doodling across the keyboard at first. This is industrial efficiency at its best. Swiping definitely cuts down on the time and effort it takes to drag the pointy finger from “u” to “h”.

Keep track of your energy usage

Something you were never able to do with your brain that evolved over millions of years, your smartphone can do in a fraction of the second. Power use can be a big issue especially if you are trying to save your battery, check voltage use, or just want to know which features consume the most energy. All you have to do is dial *#0228# (could be different depending on the brand you use) and your smartphone will show you energy use statistics, just like that.

Our smartphones are getting “smarter” each day, even more so than conventional computers. Can you still believe that a decade ago some of the technologies you take for granted today were thought to be obscure and uncommercial?


4 Times You Absolutely Must Call in Tech Support

It’s tempting to try to fix what’s wrong with a computer by yourself to save a load of money spent on a tech support person. You might think that all you’ll need to do is to grab another computer, do an online search, and voila, your computer will be back to normal. Beware, however, that if you are not an expert, some problems might simply surpass you and you might end up later with worse than a broken laptop. Know that not fixing your laptop properly can lead to serious data losses on the long run, which can be devastating if you are a small business owner for example. It’s understandable that in some situations, especially the ones where you are strapped for cash, you might want to opt for the cheaper solution. After all, if you can’t find a fixer no matter how hard you search for IT support Gold Coast, what can you really do? Well, read ahead to find out if your computer is suffering from one of the problems listed, and if you do, don’t wait, don’t think about the money, take your computer to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible:

1. You hear funny noises coming from inside your computer

The odd “tuk tuk” sound, or the weird rattling noise you hear coming from inside your computer could indicate a serious hard drive problem. Your hard drive is basically the brain of your computer, where all your precious documents, pictures and music are stored. A busted hard drive means all that data is gone forever. Recovering data from malfunctioning hard drives is not impossible, but requires significant tech know-how. An IT service provider will be able to fix your computer and save all your files if you ever find yourself in this situation. Don’t try to take apart a computer and try to amend a hard drive if you don't know what you are doing. Take it to a professional and save all your data before it’s too late.

IT Support & Consulting Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast

2. Your computer gradually slows down

Sometimes, your computer may boot up just fine, but after a while, as you continue to browse the web, play videos, or whatever, you notice that your computer becomes slow. The performance is not as speedy and efficient as before, in other words. Your first instinct might be to run an antivirus program. That is perfectly fine. However, the problem is most likely caused by your Random Access Memory (RAM) card.  This component lets your computer store temporary data necessary for running simple tasks, kind of like short-term memory in the human brain (but not exactly). RAM problems are difficult to detect. Most modern computers come with multiple RAMs, so if one goes out, the other keeps working, albeit at a slower place. You might need to replace your RAM card if that’s a case. This is better left to an expert, therefore, don’t try by yourself.

3. Your computer has a tendency to shut down or restart spontaneously

This is one of the most peskiest, and worrisome, problems to affect computers. It’s possible that your computer has been infected with a virus that corrupts the boot files. More likely, especially if you have Windows Firewall on, it could be a power supply issue. The power cables should be checked first and foremost for damages. Additionally, check if they are connected properly. Next probable scenario is a cooling issue, where your computer’s internal ventilation system is compromised in some way. This could be due physical mange or dust clogging up the fan. The best person to make the call is a tech gal or a guy, not you.

IT Support & Consulting Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast

4. Your web browsers get redirected mysteriously

Your computer could work just fine if not for annoying little quirks like the web browser loading pages that you never clicked on. That means your computer is infected with a browser hijacker virus. Now, you can run an antivirus program and try to correct it yourself. This is a software issue, not hardware, after all. Well, stop. You will need an expert to extract this virus out of the computer before it causes further, or worse permanent, damage to your files. An antivirus program, if you already had it installed and it failed to detect the virus on its own, is useless without a person to eliminate the quarantined files. Software issues are easy to sort out and doesn’t take a lot of time, so don’t procrastinate on going to tech repair.

What you can do by yourself to keep your computer functioning well is to get it serviced at least once every two years. That, and keep liquids away from the keyboard.


How Technology Is Changing College Life

Technology has brought about changes in every walk of life. Academia is an area where the change is even more pronounced than the other fields. Nowadays, you cannot see many college students running to a classroom clutching a notebook and a pen. Nor do we see students carrying a huge bag load of books on their backs. Technology has changed the way the whole world of academia works. The impact of technology is noticeably higher in colleges than in schools. Research has found that almost three quarters students rely completely on technology (tech tools, gadgets and apps) to carry on their studies. Technology has also brought down some aspects of money required for higher education. Digital books can be up to 50% lesser than printed books and is easily managed. Thus technology is helping students in preparing for National Law University entrance exam.

Changes In The Classroom

Every student owns the latest devices like laptops, tablets, ipads, ipods and smart phones. Presentations are no more prepared on the laminate sheets with colorful markers. Students simply bring out their laptops and tablets and go to work on them. Even the notes on lectures are no more written on papers. Voice recorders or even video recorders on the phones can capture the lectures and store them so that students can go through the lectures any time they want. There are various apps to help with the learning available on the smart phones that are aimed at college students. The process of researching is not as laborious now as technology has made information gathering much simpler and easier. Virtual class rooms are becoming an increasingly popular concept. Registering for virtual classes makes it possible for students to learn without having to travel to a college. It also opens up the opportunity of learning from a teacher who was until now inaccessible. With the advances in technology, voice and video qualities over internet has improved greatly so that teachers working from a remote area could actively engage the student. The student too gets the convenience of learning from anywhere with the possibility of posing questions, interacting with the teacher and getting doubts clarified just like a regular class room session.

Changes In Social Life

It is not only the class rooms that have changed because of the improvements in technology. The life of law student has also changed. Every college student has at least one smart phone which stays with the students all the time even during sleep. Phones may still be used for calling family and friends. But they are increasing used as a messaging service. Social networking has lost its original meaning. Networking socially does not anymore mean that you are meeting up with new people, friends, improving your network and having a good time. Social networking simply means being on Facebook, twitter or youtube. Interactions with professors and lecturers have also changed in the recent times. Technology has brought the teachers at a more easily approachable level. Communication with professors often happens through emails or on other social media platforms. College students are one of the largest communities of bloggers. Each student might have his or her own blog which acts as a personal but open diary which everyone is welcome to read.


5 Tips for Publishers Seeking Advanced Monetization Technology

Mobile and desktop publishers hoping to effectively monetize require the right technology. This means technology for publishers with accurate targeting that works over multiple devices, is capable of selling high performing formats that drive results, and granular insights and controls that give publishers the power to successfully monetize and make the most of advertising revenue.
Advanced Monetization Technology for Publishers
Advanced Monetization Technology for Publishers
In general, monetization is an individual’s ability to generate revenue through their website, blog, app, etc. Monetization can be from e-commerce, premium content, affiliate programs, advertising, or any other type of revenue generation. Essentially, it’s how you make money from your product or service.

There are different monetization methods. For instance, if you are a developer of mobile applications, you will want to use effective mobile monetization strategies, such as using an ad network, to help you make money from your app.

For this reason it is important that you know what strategy will work best for your particular service, product, etc. One of the reasons why the right strategy is so vital is many users see the wrong ads. According to Nielsen OCR data, when it comes to the demographic targeting of ads, the digital industry is less than 60 percent accurate.

With that in mind, the following are 5 tips for publishers looking to benefit from advanced monetization technology.

Appnext - Mobile Monetization and App Distribution Platform

1. Maximize the advantage of Facebook’s people-based targeting. As a publisher, you need to remember that it is not impressions that advertisers care about, but the people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a platform, like LiveRail, that uses information about Facebook users, such as demographics, to assist you in targeting ads accurately to specific audiences.

2. In-app monetization.  Seamlessly delivering video ads in apps and on mobile web is important. You need to make the most of traditional display ads like banners, native in apps, and interstitial. You’ll want to make sure that the experience of your users isn’t interrupted by irrelevant or intrusive ads. The ads you use need to fit the look and feel of your app. They need to engage and interest users, not drive them away.

3. You need real-time analytics. You need to be able to access available updated data immediately, so you can gain insight into how effective your monetization methods are, as well as the behavior of buyers. Run scheduled or ad-hoc reports to track every possible revenue and performance metric. You need this valuable information so that you can make better decisions when it comes to increasing revenue, reducing waste, and attracting and retaining advertisers.

4. Introduce affiliate marketing programs. This is a performance-based form of marketing that results in a business rewarding their affiliates for each customer brought to their site by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. It is important to have only a few trusted partners when you are first starting out with this type of marketing, because you will want to keep your site organic and not swamp it with affiliate mentions.

5. Always be in control. When choosing a monetization platform, make sure you pick one that lets you control how you sell, to whom you sell, and the price. You need to be able to target the right people to sell high value formats and to drive results for your advertisers.

iPhone Care Pro: Best Way to Manage iPhone Photos without iTunes

iPhone can be a lot of fun, especially when you can take more and more clear, beautiful, and impressive pictures by just using iPhone’s powerful built-in camera. However, the thing is, we usually want the pictures we took slip the leash of the phone and move to our iPad, Mac, and even other computers.

This actually makes trouble for many people since the rising complex operation of iTunes and other similar programs do nothing but complicate the transferring. Many people cannot tell the difference between sync and restore, and sometimes they risk losing all of their data. Don’t mention to make a nice inter-iOS photo transferring.

The program Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is one tool which definitely worth strong recommendation especially when it comes iOS picture transferring. In order to show the difference between iPhone Care Pro and other picture transferring tools, we choose one of the software called Phone to PC as the reference substance, so as to make the comparison visible.

transfer iphone photos

First, it is not hard to see that both of the two piece of software have a free version, and both of them support photos transferring from phone to PC. Second, we can find that actually iPhone Care Pro maintains more functions which Phone to PC do not have:

  • iPhone Care Pro not only support pictures transferring from phone to PC, but also reverse, from PC to iPhone. No iTunes restriction.
  • Actually iPhone Care Pro support all the inter-iOS pictures transferring, including new iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPod, Mac Pro, Mac Air, and other previous versions.
  • Another impressive feature is that iPhone Care Pro can help you backup and restore all of your pictures. This is quite important for iPhone users since the frequent technical problems may result in the loss of our pictures.
  • iPhone Care Pro support both Windows and Mac system, while Phone to PC only support Windows system. 

In the following we make a list of the functions iPhone Care Pro and Phone to PC maintain, and compare their difference. Phone to PC is a free program with very limited function, however, iPhone Care Pro has both a free version as well as a paid version to enable you enjoy all the functions it provides.
Comparison between iPhone Care Pro and Phone to PC

However, iPhone Care Pro is not limited as a photo transferring software; it can also help you manage iOS 9 devices without iTunes on PC free, free up the storage of your iPhone, backup and restore the lost data by just one click, block in-app ads, fix iOS stuck and instantly repair the operating system.


How to Build Your Online Business with Web Mentions

Competition is tough when you decide to open up an online business. While Digital means almost instant profit from month #1, it also means being ahead of the game. There’s a high chance your business won’t survive the year if you don’t think long-term. You see, there are many inexperienced small business owners who believe that all it takes to get business going is to rank on first page Google and build links. But that’s not all there is to it. Why not earn web mentions instead of simply paying others to “quote” you?

#2. Building an Image with Web Mentions

Web mentions are one of the best online strategies for any business that values the customer – brand relationship. It’s not just the links you get that bring your business in the high visibility section of SERPs, but it also the connection with readers, potential customers and with bloggers in a more personal perspective. Whenever a blogger or media influencer decides to write about your business and services, the message also goes to the author’s social media connections, to the blog’s community and social media circles, to unique and regular blog visitors and readers. Basically, it spreads across a “spider web” of online connections. That is why web mentions must be done in a SMARTER natural way, according to FM Digital Signage. You can hire a search marketing company or you apply the DIY method (do it yourself).  Either way, there are 7 online principles you must follow:

  1. Have in mind a specific performance. For example, to get more subscribers, traffic, more mentions.
  2. The performance must be measurable. You must be able to use online performance measuring tools.
  3. The action of web mentions must be attainable. It isn’t highly effective to want unnatural and impossible outcomes.
  4. The process of image building must be result focused. You have to think of an objective, a goal and how a campaign managed to achieve that goal.
  5. Everything must be done in a timely manner. Time is crucial. Empires were not built overnight, so keep in mind that results depend on a specific time frame. You’d most probably be looking at evergreen content, that ranks overtime.
  6. Every action should be focused on encompassing. Actions are effective if applied in a circle of events. Repeatable processes ensure that no mistakes will repeat themselves and that after gaining experience, the business itself grows. Constantly.
  7. All actions should be reviewed frequently. It is crucial to review and analyze processes in order to stabilize the growth and development of any business.


To sum it up:

  • No new-era business can survive without online brand presence; 
  • Digital PR is vital for online branding; 
  • Link Building must be done naturally, in a form of pure white hat, legally and smarter than any type of campaign/strategy;
  • If you can’t DIY, then invest some money and seek help from professionals;
  • Last but not least, confide in young people: they are creative, eager to work and show you they can do it, dedicated and results-driven. 

Is your business ready to become a recognizable brand?


Flatmates – Mobile app

Imagine you are working for a company and you stay alone in your rented flat and you have to shell out every single expense on your own for that apartment like rent of the flat, electricity charges, cooking expenses, maid expenses and other relevant expenses which a person has to incur in day to day life. At the end of the month, there are many times when you are left with very little money or no money at all after coping up with all such expenses.

Find your perfect flatmate on the Housing App - Upload property pictures, chat with potential flatmates and much more. Install the Housing App today

The property prices in cities like Mumbai are very high and so are the rentals which always keep increasing for these apartments. At times with limited resources on hand and managing affairs on your own gets quite difficult. In such a scenario, what can come in handy is having a roommate. In other words, people who can help you share your expenses by staying in the flat with you.

In real estate terminology, it is called as flatmate.

The big question is how to find someone who will be willing to share a flat with you and in the process help you share the expenses which you have been incurring all alone by yourself till now?

Here comes a handy app by Housing.com called flatmate which has many accommodating features in the app which helps the end user not only to rent or buy a property, but also helps the user in many different ways too. The unique feature of the app allows you to find an apartment to rent, or lease out your property. It helps in finding new property or helps in the sale of a property if you want to put it on the block.

Find your perfect flatmate on the Housing App - Upload property pictures, chat with potential flatmates and much more. Install the Housing App today

It has features which can be used in accessing properties pan India. The most unique thing about it is that sitting at the convenience of your home you can scout the photographs of the property which you want to buy or take on lease. What’s more - one can even get full information regarding the locality and surroundings of the property like markets, schools, places of worship in the app, etc.

This makes the life of an office goer who doesn’t have the time or resources to scout for new housemates or tenants especially in a city like Mumbai. This comes as a very handy tool to find flatmates in Mumbai or infact in any other part of India. You can find accommodation as a Paying Guest or find new roommates too. This app gives all information regarding the potential rentals or property buyers and its unique feature lets you chat with the buyers or sellers directly without going through the nitty-gritty of brokerage houses.


Top 5 places to buy consumer electronics in Singapore

Singapore is not only known for fashion lovers and tourism but also for electronics. Millions of people flock to Singapore for travel and they make sure to buy a gadget from this beautiful city. July up to august, this city offers the latest and pocket friendly gadgets. Handicams, portable DVD, mobiles, hi-tech cameras, LED TVs, laptops they have it all. Here are some diversified stores and centres where you will definitely find the latest electronic products of all brands.

CouponzGuru - Discount Coupons, Offers, Deals in Singapore


Rakuten is one of the leading Japan’s internet service companies. They have around 40 businesses expanding to 25 countries, one of them being Electronics. They offer the widest range of electronics at a very affordable price. Shoppers in the country and online buyers, both are eligible for Rakuten super point reward system. This is a loyalty program where customers will earn points and can redeem them later. While shopping you will even find the top most selling electronic item and can even view the loyalty points that you will receive.


Previously known as Gmarket, is one of the major global e-commerce websites. This Korean company is an end result of partnership between Giosis Gmarket and e-bay. They offer the latest electronic which is very pocket friendly. To encourage repeat purchases, they have a promotion known as “lucky lounge”, where the winners will get a chance to win coupons for future purchases. Singaporeans can also take advantage of their latest policy of “pay cash at 7-Eleven” that do not have credit cards.


This one is a one stop shopping destination. They have a huge array of products including health and beauty, home, mobiles, fashion, consumer electronics and home appliances. Lazada completes all your shopping needs. In each category they have a huge range. If you are looking for watches or mobiles, they have it all. Lazada assures you of the quality of the product and authenticity. They even offer customers cash on delivery option.


Valuebasket provides you the latest product on or before its release date. They maintain a good relationship with their customers. They offer you great deals and offers. Their website will tell you the latest offerings and even the best sellers. They recommend you the best and ensure maximum satisfaction. Valuebasket has a multilingual customer service team and even provides you with international shipping.


One of the leading e-commerce stores for electronics in Singapore is Expansys. It is one stop shop if you are looking to buy Smart gadgets, tablet, PCs or watches. If you are planning to buy any electronic from Expansys, you are sure to get good discounts and cash back of up to 2%.

E-commerce has made it very convenient for customers to shop without any hassle. Now next time if you travel to Singapore or if you are a localite, make sure to visit these online stores and avail the offer. Along with this, if you present the receipt of purchase, Changi airport also provides you seven percent GST refund.


3 Reasons Why E-commerce Needs CRM Solutions

Customer’s experience of buying products from a showroom differs from one of purchasing online. This nation is however slowly changing, the young age group of consumers, being Internet savvy is much open to the thought of online shopping.The question is even if you succeed in identifying everything, what you desire as a company, what your audience wants, how are you supposed to understand the CRM software features in a way that helps drive sales and maintain interest in your e-commerce website? Here are three basic reasons why your E-commerce business needs CRM solutions for its better growth.
3 Reasons Why E-commerce Needs CRM Solutions

The E-Commerce Business Scenario

Being an E-business owner, if you assist your consumers sort out their individual market, you will be in very good position to help them and meet their requirements. If you own a company and think that your business needs to enhance the relationship with your existing and potential customers, you better choice for CRM (customer relationship management) software. You might find yourself asking what is the best CRM solution for your e-commerce?These people have, in a Quora thread. A CRMsystem with secured and healthy database requires outstanding experience and great skills in maintaining it. It means you have to hire a combination of community managers and tech savvy personnel in order to handle your customers the right way, from building a community and making them feel at home, to offering them the technical support they need. Not to mention the fact that you need to understand the behavior and individuality of your customers.

#1: Scalable and Upgradable

If you are opening an E-commerce business, you must understand that for the time being your business is going to develop, sooner or later. The number of customers and employees will differ in time. As UXC Eclipse argues, your CRM solution must be extensible and scalable in such way that you can utilize it even when you move to a larger business model. The database should be flexible enough to handle any size of information.

#2: Easy to Use

The CRM solution should not be tough to use. UXC Eclipse advises us againto opt for a solution that is utilized by all level of administrative position holders, department, management and employees.  If the CRM program you use for your E-commerce is not user friendly and rather difficult, it might slow down business.

#3: Affordable

If it’s affordable, it should also deliver quality. Be aware of the cheap alternatives in the market as these might crash and take down your entire business with them. In the meantime, as an e-commerce startup, it’s clear that you can’t afford investing a fortune into a CRM tool.Cautious research and a good comparison might help solve the issue.
There might be moments when youuse one tool but afterward, decide to move to another, but no matter the choice, the CRM tool should help your business and not limit it. It should not pose problems in managing the customers, inventories, employees or projects.


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