How to Buy a Phone on a Budget

Today the world has turned into a global village, thanks to the development in the telecommunication industry. Anyone can have the world at their fingertips as long as they can connect to the internet. In such a day and age, a computer is not enough to be on top of everything out there in the world. Phones are gradually replacing computers and even laptops. Is simply easy to do all our work on a phone rather than carry a laptop around with us. Most of us do a lot of things through our phones including bank transactions, shopping, communicating, healthcare tracking and much more. It is, therefore, very important that we have a phone that supports all these tasks. Not all of us, however, can buy top of the range phones. Sometimes, things such as our kids' education and healthcare expenses come before getting our hands on the latest phone. Read below some tips on how to buy a phone on a budget.  Here is some tips to increase battery life.


It is important to know the phone market before you buy a phone, especially if you are trying to buy one on a budget. You need to know what the latest phones are, how much they cost and how you can get them. You should know facts such as that there are cheap iPhones for sale on a certain website and that the latest brand released last week is nothing more than talk. You would not fall for shams and gimmicks and waste your money if you are abreast of the market situation. Go through a few websites, read some newspapers and talk to your teenage kids about the latest phones.

Select a Brand

Now that you have an idea about the market situation when it comes to phones, you next step should be to pick a brand of phones. You should be able to pick a favourite brand after going through several kinds of phones. You would also notice that certain phone brands have certain defining features. It is important to note these features down and make your selection based on them. iPhones, for example, are known for their user-friendliness. Catch on to several features that you like and make your selection based on them.

Offers and Discounts

Now you know about the mobile phone market and you have a phone picked out for yourself. All you have to do now is buy the phone. Buying is not easy for all of us, which is why we are reading this article on how to buy one on a budget. You need to be on the lookout for discounts and offers. Most mobile phone shops offer discounts during seasons such as Christmas and New Year. Some other companies give discounts if you purchase on certain credit or debit cards. Plan to buy your phone at a time when such discounts are offered.

Easy Payment Schemes
Buy a Phone on a Budget with easy payment schemes

Some phones are still expensive, even after the discounts. You cannot do anything about it if it happens to the phone that you fell in love with. Some phone companies offer easy payment schemes when you purchase your phone. To this, they add a minimal interest. This is ideal if you do not want to spend a lot of money at once. Keep note, however, that you will be paying the interest as well.


Lights, Camera and Action!

Video is a form of creative content, developed in order to deliver information. Digital content is rapidly replacing the conventional printed content. As the dominance of digital space continues to grow, professional video is fast becoming more accessible and affordable means to connect with the end users. Streaming high definition (HD) video is instantly available through mobile devices and personal computers. It has led to content revolution. It is a smart way to communicate, entertain and advertise.

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Lights, Camera and Action!
 It is a powerful and effective way to promote social networking and to showcase brands and products. YouTube, webinars, tutorials and blogs have become popular in terms of their engaging content. Many businesses generally add a short corporate video clipping on their homepage to help the customers learn about their organization and services.

Making of a video

Content is the king and great content has the power and an intrinsic value to engage viewers. Video production is the art and science of creating an engaging content and delivering it to the audience. The making of any video (short film, documentary, full-length movie, corporate videos, TV commercials, tutorials or events) starts with an idea followed by script writing, shooting, special effects, and editing. The entire process can be categorized into 3 stages: 

  • Pre-production: Forming an idea and writing the script. Also involves selecting the cast and the crew.
  • Production: The actual shooting or recording starts.
  • Post-production: syncing and editing audio and video, adding special effects (graphics sound).

Types of video

  • Online Marketing Videos: An affordable and effective advertising medium for small and medium businesses. A high quality, convincing, informative and well-produced, promotional clip can efficiently market a new product or a service.
  • Corporate Videos: A powerful and effective way to communicate within an organization. This involves internal marketing videos, sales and review meetings, corporate communications, client testimonials, training videos, news releases and product/service awareness among others.
  • Promotional Videos: Designed to create awareness about products and services. They may not be made only for online consumption but can also be packaged with other forms of media and even shared on social media networking sites.
  • Event Recordings: Showcasing and presenting an event in an engaging way to commemorate maximize the longevity of the special moments. It includes adding graphics, images and background music, interviews, and professional voice-overs.
  • Training/DIY Videos: Instead of duplicating the training tasks, it is a good idea to capture and distribute the training modules through professional presentations. The viewers are allowed to see and learn difficult concepts in a simplified way.
  • Animation: A creative brand and business marketing strategy. Digital animation can draw a lot of customer attention.
  • Recruitment: Designed particularly to project the company as a good employer. It can be used along with classified ads on various employment websites to attract skilled and talented employees.
  • TV commercials: large scale advertising for services and products. A good engaging commercial can be a powerful promotional tool.
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Every successful video starts with an idea, appropriate planning and precise execution. Coordinating with the potential clients and developing a production plan are important for a successful outcome. The production company may follow the following steps in order to meet clients’ requirements:

  1. Gather all Information: It is important to gather all possible information from the client about their products and services. Based on the project overview, decide on the time line, budget and resources.
  2. Select Format and Style: Based on the project requirement, decide on the appropriate format to deliver the message to the target audience. Does the client want the customers to immediately buy the products or does the client want to change the customer’s perspective towards the brand or is it simple intended to raise awareness about a service? The production company can opt for interviews, documentaries or narratives based on the inputs.
  3. Add important elements: Product demonstrations, appropriate footages, factoids or aspirational shots can greatly enhance the outreach of a message.
  4. Incorporate testimonials: Expert and audience testimonials can play an important role in improving the brand image and reputation.
Each message is intended for different target audience. It is worthwhile to define an audience and make appropriate videos to reach them. Videos are not meant to present complex facts and figures; they must be made in a way that evokes an emotional response.


Choosing a Great Phone OS to Suit Your Needs

A smartphone is a friend in need, a personal assistant and a partner in crime. It can be used to play games, listen to music, take pictures, schedule appointments and even stay on top of your social media game.

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With all of these features in one nifty little device, it needn’t be said that that it is crucial you choose the right device. There is a lot that must be considered when buying a good phone, including the operating system. The size of the phone, camera quality and even the mobile carrier are all important to the buying of the phone.

If you want to make sure that you choose the right phone, you need to follow a few basic tips and guidelines to ensure you don’t pay through your nose for a device you don’t even need.

A smartphone is one of the most versatile devices on the market right now. It has progressed to a point where you don’t even need cash in your wallet anymore, because all your money can be accessed from your device. Buying a smartphone is now a huge task, and if you want to find places that sell mobile phone Australia is chock-full of options.

Android vs. iOS

This is the age-old debate that takes the world by storm every time it is brought up. There are soldiers fighting on each side of this war. However, you need to find an unbiased opinion of both systems, unless you want to go for Windows Mobile in which case, you may.


This is the single best-selling operating system in the world for mobiles. Android smartphones are some of the most customisable on the planet. The phones themselves come in many different designs, sizes and with different features and hardware specifications. They are usually of a lower price than their counterparts from Apple Inc. Android is also an open operating system, meaning that the OS can be customised completely with widgets, wallpapers and multiple apps to change the entire system into your own.

The drawback of Android is that the sheer amount of possibilities with the OS can leave you confused. It is also a possibility that the performance of the phone can be reduced because of the number of apps running at any one time. It can be annoying if all you are looking for is a simple, powerful OS for daily use. In addition to this, there can be issues with the updates to the system. Since the consumer base is huge, there can be delays before the new security patches and updates hit your personal Android powered smartphone.


Apple Inc. has their very own mobile OS for their proprietary smartphones, tablets and music devices. The iOS is one of the most powerful systems out there, and it is known for its simplicity. There isn’t nearly the same amount of customisation possible as with Android, but it makes up for it in speed and sheer processing power. iOS is popular because it is so simple to use, and the OS is a lot easier to learn the ropes of smartphones on. In addition to this, the phones from Apple have a far more premium feel to them, and a lot of people buy iPhones for the status.

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Since iOS has a smaller consumer base, updates roll out much faster. In addition to this, new apps and games are available on this platform before Android. This is because it is easier for developers to aim for a smaller target market. iPhones are also very standardised, meaning that the specs do not change between phones. This makes selecting an Apple smartphone more about the price than the different specs and the range. One last feature is Siri, the Artificial Intelligence personal assistant on iOS, known for her sassy personality and witty comebacks.

Other operating systems

Other than the 2 popular choices, there are OS’ like Windows Mobile from Microsoft, running the popular Windows 10 OS on its phones. Microsoft owns Nokia, one of the most popular cell companies before the advent of the smartphone. The AI assistant, Cortana, also has a very interesting personality. However, it isn’t nearly as popular as the competition.
Other than OS, there are many other features that need to be considered. However, choosing the right system is the first step. Make sure you get it out of the way before delving into the deeper options for choosing a great smartphone.


How to find the best SEO and Web Design Services

Web Design & Development Company | Website Designers in Australia

It is important that you take the time to look for the best SEO and web design services so you can increase your business’s internet presence as much as possible. These days every business needs to have an internet presence to thrive instead of just barely survive. NothingButWeb is just one of the many companies that offer both SEO and web design services, but it is important that you spend a decent amount of time reviewing your options so you can choose the very best one overall.

Know your needs

Before you start looking for an SEO/web design company, it is crucial that you determine what your specific needs are. Although you may know that you need a new website designed and SEO services, you will have to take the time to consider what you want your website to look like as well as the kind of internet marketing strategy you are going to use. When you take the time to think about all of these things, you will have a much easier time conveying them to the professionals you hire.

Look at the company’s website

When you are trying to find the very best company to design your new website and promote your brand online, you will have to take a close look at what their site is like. You can tell a lot about a web design company by what their website looks like, so it is important that you take the time to do this. Ask yourself how easy each business’s website is to navigate and whether or not it has an attractive overall design. You should also look through the company’s portfolio to see what kind of work they have done in the past for others so you know what to expect from them.
Web Design & Development Company | Website Designers in Australia

Communication is key

Take the time to speak with someone from each of the web design companies you are interested in, either in person or via video conference, so you can ask them any questions you may have and determine what their communication skills are like. If you are going to pay a team of professionals to design a website for your business and promote it online with SEO services, you will need to know that they are going to keep the lines of communication with you open at all times.

Talk about the specifics

You will definitely want to discuss the specifics of the SEO strategy that each company is going to use to raise your online profile so that you can get a much better idea as to which one you want o hire. The business that you select for these services should definitely be able to tell you how they are going to go about improving your web presence so you will have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Look for credentials

Make certain that you get credentials from each of the web design/SEO businesses you come across so you can choose one with professionals who are truly qualified to provide you with these services. It’s always a good idea to look for people who have a college level degree in web design as well as lots of experience with SEO work so you can trust that they know what they are doing.


Ensure your site looks trustworthy for improved business

Online shopping is more popular than ever, with three out of four internet users purchasing from an eCommerce site. To get a share of this lucrative market, your business must appear professional, reliable, and above all, trustworthy to potential customers. People want to know that when they hand over their credit card details and commit to a purchase, that they will, at the very least, receive what they have bought. This is the minimum bar for a website to achieve.

eCommerce Software Platform & Shopping Cart Solutions

The importance of a website that looks trustworthy

When people shop in a brick and mortar store, they can get a sense of the store itself, talk to the staff, as well as hold the product and feel its quality. Even the best eCommerce solution can’t faithfully replicate this experience. This makes it imperative to project your site’s qualities through exceptional design. When spending money online, people want to feel that:

  • The company is moral and law-abiding
  • The product is genuine and will do what it is claimed to
  • They will have some recourse if there is a problem

Key things points to consider

  • Design a great looking store

    Your storefront needs to inspire people to enter and delve further into what you offer. As with a physical store, your logo must look professional and modern, your colour scheme inviting, and the layout logical and easy to use. A poorly designed site that confuses users or looks like it hasn’t been updated since the early 00s, will not instil confidence in browsers.  Stock images and paragraphs consisting entirely of ALL CAPS are the first indications that a site is not professionally run, and while this may not be true, users are quick to decide based on small details like these whether a website meets their needs. A clean, professional looking design is the best way to gain and hold their attention.

  • Give your site some brand personality

    The design of your site is essentially a salesperson welcoming a customer into the store. From there, they want to be led to exactly what they are looking for and treated like a human being, not just an IP address. This requires crafting content and visuals that show off your brand voice, helping people feel like they are buying from a unique, vibrant business, not just another faceless robot. It doesn’t have to be overtly wacky! or zany!, it just needs to be relatable.  Like any good shop assistant. 

  • Keep it safe, keep it secure

    Internet security is one of the main reasons users do not proceed with a sale. You can mitigate this by clearly displaying your security credentials. Badges and banners assuring your clients that their details are safe and encrypted will go a long way to building trust.

Design dictates success

Website design is more than simply code on a page. It is about creating an environment that inspires people to trust you and spend their money on your products. eCommerce is competitive, and is becoming increasingly harder to rely on cheap prices or good products to succeed. Manage the perceptions of your customers to instil the trust they need to hand over their hard earned cash with a beautiful, trustworthy website.


Reviewing your Electricity Provider Options

Compare Energy | Gas & Electricity | Compare the Market
There are lots of these companies to choose from but you will not want to select just any of them. Make sure that you take enough time to find a certain provider that you can trust to provide you with excellent overall services so you won’t have any issues whatsoever with finding one that you can really count on.

Check the Energy Price Fact Sheet

One of the more important things that you will have to consider when searching for an energy provider in your area is the prices each one charges. You should be given an energy price fact sheet by the company you select, and you will need to know what it should include. In this sheet you should find the name of the contract as well as the provider that is selling the contract. There should be tariff rates, this includes the unit price you are going to pay in cents per kWh for your electricity. All of the fees you are going to pay should also be included in this sheet, such as late payment fees, disconnection fees, exit fees, and all others.

The length of the contract, cooling off period, options for solar customers, and where you access the full terms and conditions will also have to be included in the energy price fact sheet you receive from each of these businesses. Take the time to look over the sheets you receive so you can confirm that all of this information is there.

Standard Retail Contracts

You will find that standard retail contracts are offered by every electricity provider, and they have specific model terms and conditions that are set by law. If you have not signed up to a market contract, the energy to your home will be supplied under a standard retail contract. There are absolutely no exit fees associated with this type of contract, and you will be able to change to a different contract whenever you like.

Market Retail Contracts

Market retail contracts typically offered by electric retailers and usually include discounts as well as a number of other benefits that customers can enjoy. These contracts come with a minimum set of terms and conditions, offering the kind of basic consumer protection as a standard retail contract. All energy retailers have to offer at least one market contract with absolutely no exit fees whatsoever.

Compare Energy | Gas & Electricity | Compare the Market

Finding a Trustworthy Electric Provider

It is incredibly important that you take enough time to find an electric provider that is trustworthy and reputable, because otherwise you are taking a huge risk . The company that you choose to provide your home with electricity needs to be known for its consistency and tech support. If you don’t want to deal with frequent power outages, you will have to take the time to look for a company that has an impeccable overall reputation in the area. It is imperative that you look into some of the different electricity providers NSW has to offer before deciding which one to go with.

Compare Providers Online

One of the absolute best things that you can do when looking for the right electric provider in your area is to go online and compare some of the different ones that you have to choose from. It is important that you compare the prices that some of these businesses charge so that you can find one that can provide you with the services you need while allowing you to remain within your budget. There are numerous websites online that will allow you to compare these companies, so you will definitely want to take full advantage of them before making a final decision on one in particular.

Gather essential information

You will definitely want to gather some of the more essential information on the electric providers you have to choose from in the area, such as how long each one of them has been around for. The length of time that your electric provider has been in business will definitely be something that is going to affect the quality of the service you receive. It’s also a good idea to visit the websites of these businesses so you can get some background information on each one. By taking the time to go online and do this research, you should be able to get all of the information you need to make a final decision of some kind.


How to know it is time to change your website

A good website needs to be regularly tended and kept up-to-date. This is important for several reasons including user experience, SEO, and your brand image. The internet moves quickly and leaving your website to stagnate will negatively affect your business’s credibility and the site’s effectiveness.

How to Improve Bounce Rate
Time for a change
 How often you update your site depends on your industry and your site’s purpose. eCommerce platforms should be turning over their front page on a weekly basis, with new products and specials being the majority of the changes, along with a regular blog. A brochure site can be less dynamic, with changes or blog entries occurring fortnightly or monthly to continue to generate interest.

The warning signs that it is time for a change

  • High bounce rate

    Traffic doesn’t equal conversion. If your lead numbers are low despite a healthy number of users, this could be an indicator of problems that an update could rectify. A high bounce rate could indicate a lack of engagement with your audience, which could mean your content isn’t interesting or relevant, or your landing pages are attracting the wrong kind of traffic.
  • Time-on-page statistics are low

    A high bounce rate is just one indicator that your pages aren’t engaging. If traffic is arriving but leaving in a hurry, it could mean that your content isn’t what people are looking for. You should look at what key words you are ranking for and see if your site is relevant to the search queries.
  • It lacks functionality

    Online shopping is big business and trying to sell without offering a fully functional site is an uphill battle. There are many eCommerce platforms that provide a seamless way to sell your products and require very little technical knowledge to create an effective storefront. Expecting visitors to browse, then email their order or phone it in adds another step to the process and will negatively impact your conversion rate.
  • Out of date content

    Advertising moves fast and the internet moves faster. From a SEO perspective, Google and other search engines don’t look favourable upon old, dated content as it is less relevant than that which is recent and up to date. Additionally, users will be put off by a site that is advertising promotions or news that is years, months, or even weeks out of date.
  • It isn’t responsive

    Mobile browsing and shopping is becoming the norm, with people buying things everywhere they take their smartphones and tablets. If your site is still stuck in desktop mode then it is time to upgrade. The majority of CMSs provide mobile-responsiveness as a standard feature, making it easy to keep your website available on all devices.

  • You’re embarrassed by your own website

    The simplest sign of whether your site needs to be updated is whether you are proud to direct people to it. If you’re reluctant to talk about your internet presence, then you should look at improving your online image with an update, or an entirely new site.


Best Used Cell Phones to Buy

Are all the cell phones with good configurations above your budget? You can consider buying used devices, which would give you better specifications without burning a hole in your pocket. And, you can make it look great by choosing from a variety of mobile covers online.

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Mobile Covers Online and Best Used Phones

Used Phones Below 5K

You can now get a great phone below Rs.5,000 by considering used devices. Here are some options:

HTC Touch Viva – This is a 2G device with a TFT resistive touchscreen. You can enjoy swipe navigation. It has internal memory of 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. You can extend the memory since it has a micro-SD slot. It has a 2 MP primary camera and offers resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. It has the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. It has a Li-Ion 1100 mAh battery.

Samsung D780 – This is a 2G device with a TFT screen of 2.1 inches. Resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. It has internal memory of 32 MB, but has a micro-SD card slot that allows you to extend the memory to up to 2 GB. It has a 2 MP primary camera and offers resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. This is a dual SIM phone and has a battery of Li-Ion 1200 mAh. Available are some fancy mobile covers online for this device.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – This phone has 2G and 3G, with a capacitive touchscreen that allows multi-touch input. It has 320 MB of storage and a 512 MB RAM, while also having a Micro-SD slot that allows you to extend the memory up to 32GB. It has an 8 MP primary camera, with resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels and an LED flash. It runs on the Android v2.3 Gingerbread OS and a battery of Li-Po 1500 mAh.

You can choose any of these for around 5K and then check out mobile covers online to make them look customized to your taste.


Things You Never Knew Your Smartphone Could Do

Even the mere existence of the smartphone seems incredible in comparison to what computing was thought to be capable of a mere decade ago. This small phone you can hold in your hand today can do things that supercomputers of the yesteryear couldn’t even imagine. Actually, your smartphone can probably do things you can’t even imagine. Smartphones, regardless of brand or price, come with a variety of in-built functions most users don’t bother to discover and play with. Don’t be one of the un-enlightened. Do you want to know how-to? Check out these unbelievably cool things that your smartphone can do that you never cared to find out before:

Show an animation when you least expect it

Did you know that Android phones come with hidden animations for discerning users to discover? No, you don’t have to be an enigmatic Samsung unlocking expert to see these. Just go to your phone’s settings screen and tap on “Android version” option. Continue tapping until a “K” that awfully looks like the Kit-Kat logo shows up. Keep your finger pressed to this “K” and you will be rewarded with a quirky tile animation. Repeat the process to have a blast watching different tiled animations. There are hardly anything more exciting to do than that to battle boredom at work.

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Recognise your face

Yes, your smartphone actually knows your face (you see that, cat?). The latest smartphones come with a rudimentary ability to recognise faces as an added safety measure. It’s similar to fingerprint recognition, but not necessarily as exact. Essentially, what your smartphone can do is memorise your features from a photo of you taken beforehand. You can then set up your phone with a “face lock” so your smartphone only unlocks each time it can positively compare a photo of you snapped on the spot to the one it has memorised. It may sound not that cool, but the phone can actually distinguish between your real face and a photo of you uploaded just to unlock the phone. How? It can detect real-time blinking.

See in the dark

You might have wished for night vision, but you may not need it now because your smartphone most certainly has it. New smartphones are released equipped with infrared blasters. The objective here is to recognize other electronic devices issuing infrared signals, rather than to have super-fine feline vision to do really cool things at night. Infrared makes it extremely easy for your smartphone to locate and sync with your smart television set or top-notch wireless speakers, sans pesky USB cables. A feature like this enables you to do useful things like program your TV schedule without getting off the bed. Do not be disappointed if your phone doesn’t have this ability. You can purchase infrared sensors and have them installed quite easily.

Search by your voice

Who needs to type in search queries when you can quite literally ask your phone for “best fat free green tea ice cream sundae bong bong”? Your smartphone has the mind-boggling ability to translate your voice into binary and return an answer as if your question was directed at another human. Now, without irony, you don’t have to move a finger to remind yourself to pick up the dry cleaning next Saturday, or to text your mother that you are coming tonight for dinner. Some wishes do come true.
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You don’t have to lift your fingertips off each key to type with swipe-keyboards of modern smartphones. Simply, move your fingertips from letter to letter, swiping across the keys to type in whatever you want. It looks a bit like doodling across the keyboard at first. This is industrial efficiency at its best. Swiping definitely cuts down on the time and effort it takes to drag the pointy finger from “u” to “h”.

Keep track of your energy usage

Something you were never able to do with your brain that evolved over millions of years, your smartphone can do in a fraction of the second. Power use can be a big issue especially if you are trying to save your battery, check voltage use, or just want to know which features consume the most energy. All you have to do is dial *#0228# (could be different depending on the brand you use) and your smartphone will show you energy use statistics, just like that.

Our smartphones are getting “smarter” each day, even more so than conventional computers. Can you still believe that a decade ago some of the technologies you take for granted today were thought to be obscure and uncommercial?


4 Times You Absolutely Must Call in Tech Support

It’s tempting to try to fix what’s wrong with a computer by yourself to save a load of money spent on a tech support person. You might think that all you’ll need to do is to grab another computer, do an online search, and voila, your computer will be back to normal. Beware, however, that if you are not an expert, some problems might simply surpass you and you might end up later with worse than a broken laptop. Know that not fixing your laptop properly can lead to serious data losses on the long run, which can be devastating if you are a small business owner for example. It’s understandable that in some situations, especially the ones where you are strapped for cash, you might want to opt for the cheaper solution. After all, if you can’t find a fixer no matter how hard you search for IT support Gold Coast, what can you really do? Well, read ahead to find out if your computer is suffering from one of the problems listed, and if you do, don’t wait, don’t think about the money, take your computer to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible:

1. You hear funny noises coming from inside your computer

The odd “tuk tuk” sound, or the weird rattling noise you hear coming from inside your computer could indicate a serious hard drive problem. Your hard drive is basically the brain of your computer, where all your precious documents, pictures and music are stored. A busted hard drive means all that data is gone forever. Recovering data from malfunctioning hard drives is not impossible, but requires significant tech know-how. An IT service provider will be able to fix your computer and save all your files if you ever find yourself in this situation. Don’t try to take apart a computer and try to amend a hard drive if you don't know what you are doing. Take it to a professional and save all your data before it’s too late.

IT Support & Consulting Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast

2. Your computer gradually slows down

Sometimes, your computer may boot up just fine, but after a while, as you continue to browse the web, play videos, or whatever, you notice that your computer becomes slow. The performance is not as speedy and efficient as before, in other words. Your first instinct might be to run an antivirus program. That is perfectly fine. However, the problem is most likely caused by your Random Access Memory (RAM) card.  This component lets your computer store temporary data necessary for running simple tasks, kind of like short-term memory in the human brain (but not exactly). RAM problems are difficult to detect. Most modern computers come with multiple RAMs, so if one goes out, the other keeps working, albeit at a slower place. You might need to replace your RAM card if that’s a case. This is better left to an expert, therefore, don’t try by yourself.

3. Your computer has a tendency to shut down or restart spontaneously

This is one of the most peskiest, and worrisome, problems to affect computers. It’s possible that your computer has been infected with a virus that corrupts the boot files. More likely, especially if you have Windows Firewall on, it could be a power supply issue. The power cables should be checked first and foremost for damages. Additionally, check if they are connected properly. Next probable scenario is a cooling issue, where your computer’s internal ventilation system is compromised in some way. This could be due physical mange or dust clogging up the fan. The best person to make the call is a tech gal or a guy, not you.

IT Support & Consulting Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast

4. Your web browsers get redirected mysteriously

Your computer could work just fine if not for annoying little quirks like the web browser loading pages that you never clicked on. That means your computer is infected with a browser hijacker virus. Now, you can run an antivirus program and try to correct it yourself. This is a software issue, not hardware, after all. Well, stop. You will need an expert to extract this virus out of the computer before it causes further, or worse permanent, damage to your files. An antivirus program, if you already had it installed and it failed to detect the virus on its own, is useless without a person to eliminate the quarantined files. Software issues are easy to sort out and doesn’t take a lot of time, so don’t procrastinate on going to tech repair.

What you can do by yourself to keep your computer functioning well is to get it serviced at least once every two years. That, and keep liquids away from the keyboard.


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