Top 5 places to buy consumer electronics in Singapore

Singapore is not only known for fashion lovers and tourism but also for electronics. Millions of people flock to Singapore for travel and they make sure to buy a gadget from this beautiful city. July up to august, this city offers the latest and pocket friendly gadgets. Handicams, portable DVD, mobiles, hi-tech cameras, LED TVs, laptops they have it all. Here are some diversified stores and centres where you will definitely find the latest electronic products of all brands.

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Rakuten is one of the leading Japan’s internet service companies. They have around 40 businesses expanding to 25 countries, one of them being Electronics. They offer the widest range of electronics at a very affordable price. Shoppers in the country and online buyers, both are eligible for Rakuten super point reward system. This is a loyalty program where customers will earn points and can redeem them later. While shopping you will even find the top most selling electronic item and can even view the loyalty points that you will receive.


Previously known as Gmarket, is one of the major global e-commerce websites. This Korean company is an end result of partnership between Giosis Gmarket and e-bay. They offer the latest electronic which is very pocket friendly. To encourage repeat purchases, they have a promotion known as “lucky lounge”, where the winners will get a chance to win coupons for future purchases. Singaporeans can also take advantage of their latest policy of “pay cash at 7-Eleven” that do not have credit cards.


This one is a one stop shopping destination. They have a huge array of products including health and beauty, home, mobiles, fashion, consumer electronics and home appliances. Lazada completes all your shopping needs. In each category they have a huge range. If you are looking for watches or mobiles, they have it all. Lazada assures you of the quality of the product and authenticity. They even offer customers cash on delivery option.


Valuebasket provides you the latest product on or before its release date. They maintain a good relationship with their customers. They offer you great deals and offers. Their website will tell you the latest offerings and even the best sellers. They recommend you the best and ensure maximum satisfaction. Valuebasket has a multilingual customer service team and even provides you with international shipping.


One of the leading e-commerce stores for electronics in Singapore is Expansys. It is one stop shop if you are looking to buy Smart gadgets, tablet, PCs or watches. If you are planning to buy any electronic from Expansys, you are sure to get good discounts and cash back of up to 2%.

E-commerce has made it very convenient for customers to shop without any hassle. Now next time if you travel to Singapore or if you are a localite, make sure to visit these online stores and avail the offer. Along with this, if you present the receipt of purchase, Changi airport also provides you seven percent GST refund.


3 Reasons Why E-commerce Needs CRM Solutions

Customer’s experience of buying products from a showroom differs from one of purchasing online. This nation is however slowly changing, the young age group of consumers, being Internet savvy is much open to the thought of online shopping.The question is even if you succeed in identifying everything, what you desire as a company, what your audience wants, how are you supposed to understand the CRM software features in a way that helps drive sales and maintain interest in your e-commerce website? Here are three basic reasons why your E-commerce business needs CRM solutions for its better growth.
3 Reasons Why E-commerce Needs CRM Solutions

The E-Commerce Business Scenario

Being an E-business owner, if you assist your consumers sort out their individual market, you will be in very good position to help them and meet their requirements. If you own a company and think that your business needs to enhance the relationship with your existing and potential customers, you better choice for CRM (customer relationship management) software. You might find yourself asking what is the best CRM solution for your e-commerce?These people have, in a Quora thread. A CRMsystem with secured and healthy database requires outstanding experience and great skills in maintaining it. It means you have to hire a combination of community managers and tech savvy personnel in order to handle your customers the right way, from building a community and making them feel at home, to offering them the technical support they need. Not to mention the fact that you need to understand the behavior and individuality of your customers.

#1: Scalable and Upgradable

If you are opening an E-commerce business, you must understand that for the time being your business is going to develop, sooner or later. The number of customers and employees will differ in time. As UXC Eclipse argues, your CRM solution must be extensible and scalable in such way that you can utilize it even when you move to a larger business model. The database should be flexible enough to handle any size of information.

#2: Easy to Use

The CRM solution should not be tough to use. UXC Eclipse advises us againto opt for a solution that is utilized by all level of administrative position holders, department, management and employees.  If the CRM program you use for your E-commerce is not user friendly and rather difficult, it might slow down business.

#3: Affordable

If it’s affordable, it should also deliver quality. Be aware of the cheap alternatives in the market as these might crash and take down your entire business with them. In the meantime, as an e-commerce startup, it’s clear that you can’t afford investing a fortune into a CRM tool.Cautious research and a good comparison might help solve the issue.
There might be moments when youuse one tool but afterward, decide to move to another, but no matter the choice, the CRM tool should help your business and not limit it. It should not pose problems in managing the customers, inventories, employees or projects.


Big Basket Now a tech grocer with a mobile app

In the busy lives of the present world, nothing can be as easy and relaxing as shopping the daily grocery for the home through the mobile app. The online grocery store has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and with the awesome mobile apps like big basket, the lives of all the working professionals has relaxed to a huge extent. If you still aren't convinced read through the lines and we will give you ample number of reasons to make a buy right from your mobile and get the products delivered at your doorsteps.

BigBasket.com is the first comprehensive online grocery store in India. We currently serve in 6 cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.
BigBasket.com mobile app

Home Delivery

Imagine how you initially spent your weekend and the holidays wandering in the grocery stores and standing in the long queues to make the payments. All this can be easily prevented if you make a shift to the new style of grocery shopping app with the help of big basket. Every product that you offer on big basket will get delivered to your doorsteps.

Minimum or No Delivery Charges

If you order products for more than 1000 bucks there are no delivery charges. Also, for less than 1000 the delivery charges are as less as INR 20 which is quite affordable. This is quite an affordable amount as you would easily save the fuel as well as your valuable time which you would have otherwise spent in shopping the traditional way.

Choice of choosing delivery schedules

Big basket offers you a great deal of comfort not just by delivering the products at your doorstep but also by allowing you to choose the time of the delivery. So you can choose a delivery time that matches your schedule and then make the process even easier. This comes as a boon for all those people who are working and hardly have a fixed schedule.

Huge Range of Products

With more than 10000 products that they offer, there is absolutely nothing that you won’t get on big basket. They offer a great range of products coming under the category of home and personal care, grocery and everything that is available at a regular supermarket at discounted prices and get and distinguished quality.

Discount offers

Since the brand is new in business and still trying to make a place in the market, big basket offers a lot of lucrative offers and discounts to attract the customers to this style of grocery shopping. For the customers who shop from the APP there are a lot of other offers and schemes as well that the customers can get benefited from.

Easy return policies

Just like any other online store, the big basket works on easy return policies. If in case the customer is not satisfied with the type or quality of the products that are delivered, returning them back is not a big deal at all.

With this long list of benefits associated with this tech grocer, making a shift won’t be a tough task to do.


The Perks of Cloud Based Solutions for any Online Business

When you hear someone mentioning the word “cloud”, what do you first think of? If you’re looking up at the sky, then this article isn’t for you. If you’re looking at your smartphone or tablet, then let’s proceed. Seriously now, cloud based solutions for your business are getting more and more traction these days for a good reason. Cloud is the new black in the technology based business environment.

Get help on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution from qualified experts in the forums, read blogs and how-to articles, and watch videos.

And it’s not even as new as you might think, we all have been using it for years, every time we tapped into our email services. Yes, Gmail, Yahoo! and other email providers allow you to store thousands of emails and have access to them from any device because they are using the “cloud”. But this service is nowadays available for businesses of all kinds, from start-ups to well established companies. So, what are the perks of cloud services if, by chance, you run a start-up or an online business?

Perk #1. Highly Available 24/7

If you are in the on-line and in the beginning you might work with a team of programmers who are scattered all over the world. You might have 2 programmers in Canada, 2 in Australia and another team in the U.S.A. Using cloud based solutions the access to your data is available for any member of your different teams regardless of their physical place in the world, 24/7.

Perk #2. “Second Skin” Type Solution

The cloud based technology is adjustable to your increasing or fluctuant needs. And this happens without you having to add extra hardware. For example if you run an event and you have for a short period of time a big spike of traffic on your page, the cloud service will adjust to that, making sure everything will go on smoothly and not break down under the increased demand.

Perk #3. Easy to (Con)Figure

With a cloud service you have the options to choose according to your current needs. If you are a start-up you will have a certain budget and specific needs. Because it is highly configurable, the cloud allows you to make the minimum upfront investment, and make further adjustments when the need for more space will appear.

The cloud offers you access to virtual computers, configurable like the physical ones and it gives you access to them through a user friendly interface. If for example, in the beginning you only need 2 virtual computers that run on 2 processors with 16 GB of memory and an extra storage space of 50GB then you can opt for a plan that gives you that.
This takes a lot of the load off your physical computers, allowing you to run them smoothly and not over charge them with data.

Perk #4. Extremely Cost Effective Maintenance

The cloud provider will take care of all the software updates. Actually there are companies who offer this service as an extension to their existing on-premise offerings, like UXC Eclipse Cloud Computing Services. Also, they will manage all the network settings, like firewall and security measures, and the maintenance works, making the job of a system administrator redundant in your company.

To sum it up, a cloud based solution for your business has a lot of pluses to consider: it gives you access to your data from anywhere in the world, from any mobile device, it adjusts to your fluctuant needs, it is highly configurable making it very cost effective, and it has a low maintenance cost.


5 Reasons Why Tablets are Better Than PCs/Laptops

Apple iPad

When it comes to computing, our devices are getting smaller by the day. Exactly one decade ago, we had a computer which comprised of a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Later, laptops were introduced in the market but they were only meant for the fortunate few. However, with the growth of online shopping in India, buying a tablet is quite easier. If you are having a hard time to choose between a laptop and a tablet or a desktop, here are 5 reasons to prove that tablets are better than PCs/laptops:
Windows Tablet


Remember why laptops replaced PCs- size does matter. And that’s exactly why tablets are preferred over laptops. Tablets are thin, light-weight and easy to carry. Despite being high on performance, a tablet can easily fit in to your pocket.


Whether it is a simple keyboard or an external hard disk, almost all your devices are compatible with a tablet.


Most tablets come with a host of connectivity options like Bluetooth, 3G & Wi-Fi.

Dual Mode Tablet

Dual Mode

There are certain variants of Windows tablets which allow you to use the device as both a tablet and a laptop. You can use the device as a tablet when you are on the go.


The integrated HDMI port in your tablet enables you to connect it to a larger screen if you are watching a high quality video or a movie.

Thanks to online shopping, you can buy tablets online from a wide range of brands. You can choose from a wide range of high performance tablets at affordable prices. Also, buy a few useful tablet accessories to enhance the experience of your device.


How Technology Is Changing College Life

How Technology Is Changing College Life
Technology has brought about changes in every walk of life. Academia is an area where the change is even more pronounced than the other fields. Nowadays, you cannot see many college students running to a classroom clutching a notebook and a pen. Nor do we see students carrying a huge bag load of books on their backs. Technology has changed the way the whole world of academia works. The impact of technology is noticeably higher in colleges than in schools. Research has found that almost three quarters students rely completely on technology (tech tools, gadgets and apps) to carry on their studies. Technology has also brought down some aspects of money required for higher education. Digital books can be up to 50% lesser than printed books and is easily managed.

Changes In The Classroom

Every student owns the latest devices like laptops, tablets, ipads, ipods and smart phones. Presentations are no more prepared on the laminate sheets with colorful markers. Students simply bring out their laptops and tablets and go to work on them. Even the notes on lectures are no more written on papers. Voice recorders or even video recorders on the phones can capture the lectures and store them so that students can go through the lectures any time they want. There are various apps to help with the learning available on the smart phones that are aimed at college students. The process of researching is not as laborious now as technology has made information gathering much simpler and easier. Virtual class rooms are becoming an increasingly popular concept. Registering for virtual classes makes it possible for students to learn without having to travel to a college. It also opens up the opportunity of learning from a teacher who was until now inaccessible. With the advances in technology, voice and video qualities over internet has improved greatly so that teachers working from a remote area could actively engage the student. The student too gets the convenience of learning from anywhere with the possibility of posing questions, interacting with the teacher and getting doubts clarified just like a regular class room session.

Changes In Social Life

It is not only the class rooms that have changed because of the improvements in technology. The life of college students has also changed. Every college student has at least one smart phone which stays with the students all the time even during sleep. Phones may still be used for calling family and friends. But they are increasing used as a messaging service. Social networking has lost its original meaning. Networking socially does not anymore mean that you are meeting up with new people, friends, improving your network and having a good time. Social networking simply means being on Facebook, twitter or youtube. Interactions with professors and lecturers have also changed in the recent times. Technology has brought the teachers at a more easily approachable level. Communication with professors often happens through emails or on other social media platforms. College students are one of the largest communities of bloggers. Each student might have his or her own blog which acts as a personal but open diary which everyone is welcome to read.


5 Tips of Using the New Housing App

Housing.com is a real estate portal that has changed the way people search for properties online. This portal has made use of technology and statistical analysis to identify and resolve the customer demands. The solution oriented approach and property services offered by the portal have made it one of the most potent companies in the real estate sector. Today the value of this portal stands in excess of Rs. 1500 crores!

The portal has been able to acquire such popularity because of its constant reinvention of processes and services that it offers. It had released a real estate app on the Android platform which was revised recently to offer better property search experience while on the move.

Housing.com App on Google Play Store

The new app actually has not been merely upgraded. It has been redesigned from scratch. Many of its features have been transformed and the new version of the app offers a wholesome experience of property search. Here is how one can effectively use the app for searching properties for rental or purchase. For the sake of ease, let us consider take into account the real estate sector of Chennai.

House search options

Let us assume that an end user is interested in flats for sale in Chennai. When this user starts using the app, the menu items offer distinct options for finding homes for purchase as well as rental. In case a person wants to search for PG accommodations and hostels, then there is a separate option that allows him/her to do so. One can also search for property agents using this app.

To search for flats, the end user merely has to type the name of the locality in Chennai where he/she is interested in purchasing a flat. The search results come up on the map of the locality and one can browse through and shortlist properties as per one’s own convenience. The end users are prompted to log into their housing accounts so that whatever properties they choose from the mobile device can also be viewed on other platforms as well.

Using filters effectively

The new app offers almost all the filter options that are available on the portal itself. For example, if the end user is looking for three room apartments in Chennai, then he/she can use the filters to opt for three room apartments only. In case one wants to see both independent homes and three room apartments, the filters allow them to do so. There are numerous other filter options available which allow an end user to find a home according to his/her budget, area, etc.

Find House related information

The app allows end users to find the specifications of each of the flats for sale in Chennai. These specifications include original photographs, details of amenities, details of society and locality as well. There is a Lifestyle Index which independently and objectively scores every single property and is a useful tool to assess the lifestyle offered by each.

Find locality related information

The app has an option called “Local” which allows end users to see all kinds of amenities (Banks, ATMs, schools, shopping complexes, hospitals etc.) in the locality where the end user searches for property.

Find amenity related information

Within the property specifications, there is the locality map which only shows that property. Then the end user can see all amenities with respect to that property.

In Conclusion

Housing.com app provides a seamless property search experience with features especially created for handheld devices.


5 Affordable Power Banks that Will Never Let you Run Out of Battery

The newest entrants into the world of gadgets and gizmos are power banks, which are essentially portable chargers. Available in a number of brands, a lot of global companies are locked into sales battles as to whose product is more appreciated and liked by the audience.


Top 5 Smartphones Under 20,000

Top 5 Smartphones Under 20,000
The Indian smartphone market surged 84% in the second quarter of 2014, from a fairly healthy size in the second quarter in 2013. Samsung gained a 29% market share, while brands like Micromax and Karbonn also marking their footprint in this industry. The massive revamp in the specifications and design is a clear indication of this being a consumer driven market.
With so many varieties being available online, confusion is obvious. So, here is a list of 5 smartphones under 20,000 that can serve you well with their exceptional features, design and performance.

Making a Smart Choice of Phones

Here are some of the most popular smartphones under 20,000 and what value you can expect at that price.

1.      Micromax Canvas Gold A300: This smartphone has taken a leap ahead of its predecessor the Canvas Knight. All the issues with Canvas Knight have been addressed, with added design and quality. It has a wide 5.5 inches screen with LTPS LCD capacitive touch screen that offers exceptional display features. The octa core processor with 2 GB RAM can take up any task and offer brilliance in performance. The Android 4.4.2 operating system, with dual sim slots and 32 GB storage space make this cell phone a great pick. Its premium look, price and features steal the show in the category of smartphones under 20,000.
2.      Sony Xperia ZR: If you are on the lookout for an unswerving and appealing mobile phone with a great camera and good sound, then Xperia ZR should be your choice. The Quad Core Snapdragon 1.5 GHz Processor with 2 GB RAM make its performance smooth. It glides on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and offers an amazing UI. What makes this device even more captivating is its premium dust and waterproof feature. The outstanding display of 4.55 inches, TFT capacitive touch screen with shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass add to its pros and with internal storage of 8 GB this smartphone is absolutely value for money.

3.      Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: It was launched in January 2014, after the success of the Galaxy Grand. Grand 2 has a 5.25 inches grand screen working on a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. It runs on the Android Jelly Bean v4.3 OS. The camera is 8 MP, has autofocus, a LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection and image stabilization. It also has a 1.9 MP front camera, which is great for video chats. With internal storage of 8 GB, this smartphone can perform all the essential features with ease and efficiency.

Gionee Elife E7 32 GB White Mobile Phone

4.      Gionee Elife S5.5: Hold the world’s slimmest phone with amazing specifications and a powerful performance. Yes, this is also among the smartphones under 20,000. It runs on a 1.7 GHz Octa Core processor, making multitasking extremely swift and smooth. The 5 inches of Super AMOLED touch screen with full HD display and gorilla glass protection make the screen and display efficient and robust. The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5MP. So, whether you wish to click a picture of your friends or a selfie, you are sure to get great quality images. As with all Gionee smartphones, this too comes with a customized Amigo UI. The internal memory of 16 GB is non expandable so analyze your requirement of space before you finalize it. In terms of performance and looks, this phone is competing in the forefront with leading international brands.
Begin by accessing your requirement in terms of camera, display, level of multitasking, storage capacity and battery performance (in case you travel a lot). Once you have done this, choosing a smartphone under 20,000 will become much simpler.

Gadgets under 5,000 to Gift Your Grandparents

Gadgets under 5,000 to Gift Your Grandparents
Recent census count shows that about 75% of grandparents are registered online and 70% of them use search engines for finding information. The data also reveals that senior citizens are more gadget friendly than they were in the past. In fact, many of them have caught on to online shopping, sharing photos on Facebook and online banking. So, when you think of gifting your grandparents something for their birthdays or anniversary, you can consider a trendy gadget. Moreover, with growing competition in the gadget industry, you can find something that will not bust your budget. There are several choices like smartphones under 5,000 that you can consider. Here are some great tech gifting ideas that your grandma or grandpa may love.
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Fitness Watch

As one grows older, the importance of keeping track of health keeps increasing. A fitness watch can help immense in this endeavour. This device is strapped onto the wrist like a watch, but does much more than merely telling you the time. Depending on what you choose, a fitness watch can give a lot of data about daily exercise, including steps taken, stairs climbed, distance travelled while walking and calories burned. In fact, some devices can also give information about how well you slept.  Some devices work as a heart rate monitor, so that you can keep a check on how strenuous your workout routine is. Some of these watches can sync all the data with your personal computer and feed data to popular health and fitness apps. Encourage your grandparents to be active and health conscious by gifting them this device. They don’t even have to worry about batteries, since the device can be easily charged by using a USB cable.

Micromax Bolt A66 (black)


The mobile phone industry has grown in leaps and bounds; and senior citizens have contributed significantly to the growing popularity of smartphones. There are a number of smartphone under 5,000 that have features like touch screen, camera, dual sim and the latest version of the Android operating system. In fact, popular brands like Micromax and Motorola have models within this price range. The screen size is typically around 4 inches and the phone may have Bluetooth, calculator, FM, alarm and more. Your grandparents can connect the device to the Internet using their wifi and browse for information, shop for groceries or interact on social networking sites, from the comfort of their homes.

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Digital Picture Frame

Grandparents have so many memories of their younger days that they shall always cherish. Pictures of your grandmother with her bunch of girlfriends and photographs of your grandfather wearing bell-bottoms are all prized possessions. Gift them a digital picture frame that can play a slideshow of their favourite pictures. Some of these devices can connect to the Internet to access photographs from email or Facebook. They would love to have pictures of their children and grandchildren displayed at intervals.

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Bluetooth-in-Car Speakers

This Bluetooth speakerphone is a great gift for both grandparents. It is a great way to talk to both of them even when one in driving. Of course, these can also be used at home to have long conversations without having to hold the phone to your ear continuously. These gadgets come with the feature of voice-guided instructions to make the use easier. You can pair this gift with a smartphone under 5,000 so that your gift is complete. In fact, these Bluetooth enabled devices can also be used to listen to music or even sync the GPS for getting voice-guided directions. Whether you are checking out smartphones under 5,000, fitenss watches or Bluetooth speakers, you may need to give them some of your time to explain all the features and their uses.


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